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Where We Are in Southampton

Visiting Solent Tools (Southampton)

Solent Tools are only located in Southampton, Millbrook UK inside the Solent Business Centre. We are in unit 009 on the ground floor. There is plenty of parking behind the building (with some out the front and down the side). The entrance is on the side of the building that faces the army barracks. 

We are open 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Please contact to let us know you are coming to save you any unnecessary journeys. We are a small company and sometimes have to close early. We can check parts are definitely in stock (the vast majority is) and put them by for you. 

Please do not just use the postcode on a sat nav to find us as you will not end up in the right place, it is best to use Google Maps and search for ‘Solent Tools’ as it knows exactly where we are, if you are unable to use Google Maps to navigate please see where we are below before heading off (click the map below to be taken to google maps). If you get lost on the way please call us on 02380578057 and we will go our best to help.

If you are coming in from the motorway then you will need to follow the signs for the city centre until you reach the regents park traffic lights. The Solent Business Centre (big brick building with the sign ‘UNITS TO RENT’ on) is then 200 yards further along the main road with a car park to pull into (just after the Territorial Army Barracks).

solent business centre so15 0hw tools tool address southampton uk millbrook
solent business centre so15 0hw tools tool address southampton uk millbrook

Sending Parts to us in Southampton

Please contact us before posting any part to us (returns or new parts) so that we know why it is coming and what we need to do with it when it arrives.

Our full postal address is:

Solent Tools Ltd

Unit 009, Solent Business Centre

343 Millbrook Road West


SO15 0HW

United Kingdom (UK)

Please ensure that you have paid the full postage amount to send an item to us (a normal stamp will not be enough for anything over 3mm thick – you would need at least a ‘large letter’ stamp). Failure to do so will result in delivery delays and Penalty fees that we will pay and then pass onto you.

If you are posting a sample to us please CLICK HERE for more information.

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