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As you might guess these are round belts. They do however come in quite a wide range of materials and unlike most belts can be stretchy or semi rigid. Included in this type of belt range are O rings. The great thing is that most round belts are made from open material and then joined so length range is almost unlimited. O rings can also be of different shapes such a flat or rectangular.

Round drive belts come in a wide range of materials including rubber, polyurethane, cord and with many variations of all three. Depending on your requirements you may need a stretchy material or maybe not depending on whether you have adjustment on the machine it self. Round belts also come with a rough or a smooth finish. Round rubber drive belts are also rated to various temperature ratings and even petrol resistance as some will belts will find their way being used as gaskets. Round drive belts are also used where a twist in a belt may be required to drive a pulley at an angle to the drive motor. 

Solent Tools offer a full range of round belts including belt material sold by the metre that can be cut and joined to virtually length. Stock sizes of our polyurethane round material comes in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 1/4″ and 8mm. Solent Tools can make up belts to order from a single belt to large volume orders for same day collection or next day delivery. All other diameters are available to order.  These are also one of the easiest belts to measure as only the overall length is required and the diameter (width) of the belt.

Round belts are very common on many stationary power tools such as band saws, pillar drill stands, lathes, linishers and although not so common these days valve refacers. Sewing machines often used round belts which were often stretchy rubber but wrapped in string material. These sewing machine drive belts can be often replace with our polyurethane round belts which will still offer good grip long life but at a fraction of the cost. Another round drive belt that crops up on late 70’s early 80’s machines were a brown almost plastic looking belt which cracked with age. These can be replaced with the Solent Tools round belting material and made to measure.

Flat drive belts are either rigid or stretchy but measuring them is much the same. On a stretchy belt which are normally not that long and because they are stretchy you have a little bit of room for error you have two choices. Cut in half and measure end to end or form the belt into a circle and measure the diameter. Next measure the width and lastly the thickness is also good to know. If your flat belt is rigid when pulled then the length will normally have to be very accurately measured. End to end laid flat is really the best way but if your belt is still in one loop then we would really recommend you post us a sample. Last but not least we just need the thickness but we only actually need approximately within a mm or so.

To measure your round belt just measure end to end and the material thickness. If your round drive belt is still in a loop then the diameter measured inside to inside will do. From this we can make up a belt to your required length. If you think your belt has stretched then let us know and we can always produce slightly smaller as there will be a bit of stretch on the replacement round drive belt.

O Rings

Solent Tools also offer a full range O rings suitable for use in everything from carburetors to industrial pumps. Our range of O rings range from under 1mm in thickness up to 10mm as standard with diameters as small as few mm all the way up to our vulcanised range which can be over 300mm. O rings also come in many material and heat ranges to suit all your requirements. We also offer a full range of flat, ribbed rectangular and square O rings.  

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