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The Solent Tools range

Solent Tools stock green polyurethane round belt materials with a rough coating that gives the belt grip and is perfect for drive belts. We have 1/4″, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm & 10mm on the shelf. We can make a belt to any length and normally get them posted out within 1 working day. If you just need 1 belt or if you need a large quantity we are able to help (larger orders may take longer to manufacture).

As standard we join the material into a belt before posting them out, but if you would prefer a length of material that you can join yourself we also sell the material by the meter.

We can order in other material types and diameters but they have longer lead times.

How do I measure a Round Drive Belt?


Nearly all round drive belts have a slight stretch to them to get them onto the pulleys. Because of this it is best to wrap something around the 2 pulleys as if it were a belt and then take it off and lay it on a tape measure to get an accurate length that the belt needs to operate at.

We know the amount of stretch our polyurethane materials have in them and can then make it to suit the pulleys. We can make belts to any length.

Diameter of Profile

You will also need to measure the diameter of the round material your belt is made from. Belts can wear over time to it is best to round up to the nearest millimeter. We keep 1/4″, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm & 10mm diameters in stock (Green with a rough coating). We are able to order others in.

Round belts are very common on many stationary power tools. Examples include band saws, pillar drill stands, lathes, linishers & valve refacers. Some other machines that we have made belts for include Sewing machines, bread makers and projectors. As long as the belt does not need to change its length during use (for example a jockey wheel or on a cone) then our belt material should be suitable to replace your current round belt.

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