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STEHLE Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Blade 254mm Dia, 30mm Bore, 48 Teeth For Mitre & Chop Saws

Dividing And Mitre Cuts In Non-Ferrous Metals Including Zinc Plates And Cast Iron

£109.95 Inc VAT

In stock

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STEHLE Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Blade 254mm Dia, 30mm Bore, 48 Teeth For Mitre & Chop Saws

£109.95 Inc VAT

In stock

STEHLE 254mm Diameter, 30mm Bore’, 48 Teeth Industrial Quality Circular Saw Blade. This Blade Is Designed To Be Used On Mitre & Chop Saws. It Is Specially Designed For Dividing And Mitre Cuts In Non-Ferrous Metals Including Zinc Plates And Cast Iron, It Will Also Cut Aluminium” And It Is Able To Cut Construction Materials”’, Steel”” And Plastics””’. This Blade Will Give A Very Rough Finish To These Materials. It Has A Kerf Of 2.4mm, A Body Of 1.8mm, A Zero Hook Angle And Has A Flat Tooth With Alternating Chamfer Configuration. The Tungsten Carbide Is The Correct Mixture (Including Binder, Type, Grain Size, Density, Hardness, Toughness And Binding Strength), Design And Optimisation For Cutting The Materials Specified Above With A Special Cutting Geometry For Improved Finish. This Blade Will Have A Heavily Reduced Lie If Cutting Stainless Steel. The Blade Has A Laser Cut Body And Is Specially For Industrial Application. It Has Extremely Tight Production Tolerances, Highest Concentric And Runout Precision, Noise Reduced Design, Application Specific Micrograin Carbide And Hand And Machine Controlled Adjustment And Alignment. This Blade Comes With 2 Combi Pin Holes, They Can Take Pins That Measure 10mm, 9mm, 9.5mm & 7mm Diameter And A Distance Of 60mm, 46mm, 46.5mm & 42mm Between The Centers Of Each Pin Retrospectively. If Your Saw Does Not Have Pins Then Just Ignore These Extra Holes.

We Are Able To Put In Larger Pin Holes If Required, You Will Need To Add This To Your Order Notes When You Checkout Or Email Us After You Have Ordered, Please Be Aware This Will Take Longer Than The Specified Delivery To Get Them Put In And Delivered And May Result In An Increase From The Stated Price.

‘The Bore Size Of This Blade Is 30mm, Reduction Rings Are Available To Make The Bore Size Smaller. You Can Only Use These If Your Blade Flanges (The Two Washers/ Clamps That Hold The Blade In Place) Are Larger Than 35mm In Diameter Where They Touch The Blade. If They Are Then Tell Us What Size Bore You Require Either In The Notes As You Checkout Or By Email. If They Are Smaller Than 35mm Then This Blade Will Not Be Safe To Use On Your Machine.

”(Including: Aluminium Block Material, Aluminium Harrow Profile, Aluminium Sheets, Aluminium Foam, Honeycomb Panel, Copper, Zinc, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium Polyethylene, Ali Plywood, Ali HPL And Ali Sandwich Board With PU Filling.)

”'(Including: Wood With Nails, Foamwork Board, Cement Solid Board, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Zinc, Fibre Cement, Bronze, Ali Sandwich Board With PU Filling, Wood Chip Insulation, Gypsum Fibre Board With MDF, Stainless Steel, Mineral Wool & Clay, Wood Fibre, Polycarbonate, Melamine Resin Foam, MDF, Aluminium Foam, Linoleum, HDF With Laminate, Parquet, Rubber And WPC.)

””(Including: Steel Sheet, Stainless Steel Wall Board, Steel Square Tube, Stainless Steel Sun Protection, Steel Grid, Iron Covered Particle Board, Steel Laminated Timber, Steel-Plastic Acoustic Element.)

””'(Including: PMMA Bloack Material & Acrylic Glass, Polycarbonate, PET Honeycomb Core, PE Block Material, PP Package Material, Polystyrene, PVC Foil & Vinyl Flooring, Melamine Resin Foam, GFK, AFK, HPL Laminate, Mineral Acrylic Resin, Epoxy Resin, Rubber, PU Sound Insulation, PU Anti-Slide Mat, PE Foil Printed & Acrylic Resin, Wood Fibres & Acrylic Resin And Wood & PMMA.)


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