We Stock 125mm Pin Ended Scroll Saw / Fret Saw Blades. Our Range Includes 10 TPI. 14 TPI. 18 TPI. & 25 TPI.

These Fit Many Brands of Scroll Saws But You Must Measure Your Old Blade Or Where The Blade Would Go First. If You Find A Measurement In Your Manual Between 124mm-129mm And They Are Pin Ended Then These Blades Will Fit As Different Makes Measure The Differently (Some Pin To Pin And Others The Total Length).

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Part Type

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Scroll Saw & Fret Saw Blades

Scroll saws, often referred to as fret saws, are versatile and precise power tools used for intricate woodworking projects. These saws feature a thin, narrow blade that moves in an up-and-down motion, allowing for intricate and detailed cuts in wood, plastic, or thin non-ferrous metals.

The teeth per inch (TPI) of the blades play a crucial role in determining the cutting speed and the fineness of the cuts. Blades with higher TPI are suitable for finer, detailed work, while lower TPI blades are better for faster, rougher cuts. Additionally, the blades come in different finishes such as plain-end or pin-end, with pin-end blades being easier to install and most common.

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