Below Are Blades / Knifes for Handheld Planers & Planer Thicknesser Tools. They Are Designed for Planing & Thicknessing Wood. If You Have A Model Number On Your Planer Please Enter It In The Search Bar Above, Otherwise You Can Search For Your Blades Below, We Have Included Sizes To Help Identify The Blade That You Need.

If The Blade You Require Is Not Listed Below, Please Email Us With Your Model Number, Images Front And Back Of Your Blade / Knife & Sizes And We Will Do Our Best To Find Replacement Blades For Your Planer / Thicknesser.

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What Is A Planer Used For?

Planers are powerful woodworking tools designed for the precise and uniform thicknessing of lumber. These tools consist of a rotating cutter head with multiple blades that remove material from the surface of the wood as it passes through the machine. Planers excel at producing smooth, flat surfaces, making them essential for tasks like leveling uneven boards, reducing the thickness of rough-sawn lumber, or creating uniformly sized pieces for woodworking projects. The adjustable depth settings on planers allow craftsmen to achieve the desired planing thickness with precision, ensuring consistency across the entire workpiece.

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