Lawnmower, Lawnraker & Lawn Rake / Scarifier Accessories Including: Handle Bolts, 2 Stroke Oil, Mixing Bottles, Fuel Enhancer, Power Cables, Cable Repair Plugs.

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What Is A Lawnmower?

A lawnmower uses a blade to cut grass to a uniformed height. There are 2 main types; a rotary mower (the most common type that has a blade spinning parallel with the lawn) and a cylinder mower (that uses a cylinder sharped blade to cut the grass against a straight back blade.

Walk behind mowers are typically powered by petrol, mains electricity or a battery and either need to be pushed along or are self propelled.

With adjustable cutting heights and ergonomic designs, lawnmowers offer convenience and efficiency for homeowners and landscaping professionals.

What Is A Lawnraker / Lawn Rake / Scarifier?

A lot of lawnrakers come with a rake attachment (normally plastic with metal tines inside) and a scarifier attachment (normally with metal blades). Because of this these machines are also called a Lawn Scarifier & Raker. 

These machines are specialised gardening tool designed to remove thatch, moss, dead grass and other organic debris from lawns. Their adjustable height allows the tines to lightly scratch the surface of the lawn without digging in (if there is excessive debris then the highest setting should be used first before going over the same area on a lower setting, this will prolong the lifespan of the tines and the machine). and the scarifier to be set a little lower to aerate the soil. 

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