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What Is A Grass Trimmer?

A grass trimmer, also known as a strimmer (if Black & Decker), weed eater or string trimmer, is a versatile outdoor tool designed to maintain the edges of lawns, trim grass in hard-to-reach areas, and tackle weeds.

Powered by electricity, battery, or petrol, grass trimmers feature a rotating cutting head with a nylon string that efficiently cuts through grass and weeds. Grass trimmers are essential for achieving a polished and manicured lawn appearance, offering precision and convenience for both residential and commercial landscaping needs.

What Is The Difference Between A Grass Trimmer & A Brush Cutter?

Grass trimmers have a bent/ curved shaft between the top and the bottom of the machine, they can only take cutting line.

Brush Cutters have a straight shaft with a gearbox on the bottom. They can use a line head or a metal blade.

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