We Stock A Large Range Of Start & Run Capacitors, Rating From 2.5µF to 100µF (Microfarads). Each Capacitor Has An Option Of Spade Terminals Or Integrated Wires.

You Can Use The Microfarad Rating Filter To Select To Refine Your Search. The Microfarad Rating Of Your Capacitor Will Be Printed On It, It May Be Indicated With The Symbol ‘µF’ And We Reference It As uF (Due To Website Limitations). Some Capacitors List It As Farads ‘F’ Or Nanofarads ‘nF’, These Need To Be Converted To Microfarad Before Ordering.

All Our Capacitors Are Rated For 450VAC And Both 50Hz & 60Hz. They Can Be Used As A Start Capacitor, A Run Capacitor And A Start & Run Capacitor.

I have fitted a new Capacitor but the machine is running backwards.

You have just put the wires on the wrong way round (it is hard to tell). Just swap the wires round the other way and the machine should work correctly.

What is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is a component in an electrical circuit that stores energy (voltage). It can then release this energy very quickly to provide additional energy to where and when it is needed.

What are Capacitors used for?

There are 2 main types of capacitors in power tools, garden machinery and workshop equipment. Start and Run.

A Start Capacitor stores energy and releases it when a motor starts up. This gives the motor the extra torque it needs to get moving and is commonly controlled by a centrifugal switch.

A Run Capacitor is used to sustain a running torque on an auxiliary coil when a single phase motor is under load providing continuous duty. 

Some capacitors will be used as both a Start & Run

What are the common symptoms of a faulty Capacitors?

Start Capacitor: When a machine is switched on it will, in most cases, make a humming noise. You can often start them motor by turning whatever it is meant to be turning in the right direction. This is because a Start Capacitors only jobs are to determine the direction of & provide an initial boost to the motor.

Run Capacitors: The motor is often slower than normal and, depending on how loud the machine is, you may hear a humming noise. A slower speed could be another fault but the capacitor is often the cheapest component to replace first.

If your capacitor has blown up (physically blown a hole in and is black and burn’t) then you will not hear a humming noise.

What is a Microfarad?

A Farad is the SI Unit (International System of Units) of electrical capacitance, that is equal to the capacitance of a capacitor in which 1 coulomb of charge causes a potential difference of 1 volt (1 Coulomb Per Volt, C/V).

A Microfarad is 1 millionth of a Farad.

capacitor capacitors microfarad humming start run uF µF rating spade terminals store energy
capacitor capacitors microfarad humming start run uF µF rating wires store energy