Brush Cutter Accessories Including: Blades, Blade Washer & Nut, Cutting Line, Fuel Related Parts, Safety Equipment, 2 Stroke Oil, Fuel Enhancer, Mixing Bottle & More.

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What Is A Brush Cutter?

A brush cutter is a powerful outdoor tool designed for clearing dense vegetation, overgrown brush, and tough weeds with ease. Unlike a grass trimmer, a brush cutter features a more robust build and a metal blade that can handle thicker vegetation and woody plants.

Powered by petrol or electricity, brush cutters are ideal for tackling large areas of rough terrain, such as fields, meadows, and overgrown yards. With their ability to cut through tough vegetation efficiently, brush cutters are essential tools for landscaping professionals and homeowners looking to maintain and reclaim outdoor spaces. 

What Is The Difference Between A Grass Trimmer & A Brush Cutter?

Brush Cutters have a straight shaft with a gearbox on the bottom. They can use a line head or a metal blade.

Grass trimmers have a bent/ curved shaft between the top and the bottom of the machine, they can only take cutting line.

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