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Spare Parts Matched From A Sample

When posting us a part please include as much information on from the tool or machine as possible, please also include your name, address and telephone number so that we can contact you as soon as possible with a quote for the replacement part.

Please make sure items are sent in a padded envelope and the correct postage is applied to your parcel. Please note that anything over 3mm thick (which is most parts) will require more than a normal postage stamp, most parts will come under the royal mails ‘Large Letter’ requirements and it will need a ‘Large Letter Stamp’. Please be aware that if a part is sent without the correct postage it can be delayed for 2-4 weeks by the Royal Mail, we will pay the additional charge to get it to us, but this cost will be charged back to you.

Please post to:

Solent Tools Ltd
Unit 009
Solent Business Centre
343 Millbrook Road West
SO15 0HW

Here at Solent Tools Ltd we have thousands of spares for all varieties of machines. Even if it doesn’t look like we list your model or part, it’s often likely we will still have spares that fit your machine. Companies such as B&Q, Homebase, Argos and Screwfix (amongst others) regularly buy machine ranges from factories in China and then badge them with their own brand names in the UK – Performance Power, Macalister, Challenge, Spear & Jackson, Titan etc. This means that spare parts often fit more than one machine, brand or company.

For this reason if we are not listing a part for your machine it is likely it’s because we simply do not know which part it takes. Most of these companies do not release drawings for their machines and so we may well have exactly what you need here without knowing it.

If you are looking for one of the following parts for your machine and we do not currently list it, post your old damaged part into us (regardless of its condition) and we will almost certainly be able to match it against our stock and supply you with a replacement. This applies to Carbon Brushes, Drive Belts, Spool Lines, Spool Caps, Lawnmower Blades, Garden Vac Bags and Primer Bulbs/Bubbles.

If the part you are after is not one of those listed above in capitals, please contact us by email or phone before sending your item in. We may still be able to help, but there are some parts for which it is not worth posting in before we have had a chance to discuss the problem beforehand.

Email: sales@solenttools.co.uk
Telephone: 02380578057

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