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There are probably three main types that you may come across. The most common tend to be stretchy rubber and are found on many power tools and vacuum cleaners. They are also very tricky to obtain in non standard sizes. This is because they are generally only made for OEM and then only in large quantities. Solent Tools carry a wide range of stretchy rubber belts including many specially made for band saw tyres, lathes and planer thicknessers. The next most common type of flat drive belt are the non stretchy flat range of belts which offer very smooth drive properties and should anything jam will allow slip to avoid damage. These belts can be made to measure but where possible Solent Tools will try and obtain premade sizes to meet your requirements. They are normally quite thin but any thickness can be produced. The last type of flat drive belt is less common in the domestic market and are always made to measure. These tend to be very long and made from fabric. Originally made from leather but now fabric these belts are quite often joined with a metal clip system after fitting. Solent Tools are always pleased to quote for these belts.

Flat drive belts are either rigid or stretchy but measuring them is much the same. On a stretchy belt which are normally not that long and because they are stretchy you have a little bit of room for error you have two choices. Cut in half and measure end to end or form the belt into a circle and measure the diameter. Next measure the width and lastly the thickness is also good to know. If your flat belt is rigid when pulled then the length will normally have to be very accurately measured. End to end laid flat is really the best way but if your belt is still in one loop then we would really recommend you post us a sample. Last but not least we just need the thickness but we only actually need approximately within a mm or so.

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