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Circular Saw Blades vary in both quality and price. When you spend good money getting the right circular saw blade for the work you have planned makes sense. Spending a lot of cash on the wrong TCT circular saw blade can be as bad as spending too little money on a poor quality saw blade. It’s all about balance between the amount of work the circular saw blade will have to do, finish of cut, life span, cost and most importantly matching the circular saw blade to your table saw, mitre saw, chop saw, circular saw or radial arm saw.


The greater the number of teeth that a circular saw blade has generally gives a finer finish but there is a point where increasing the number of teeth on the circular saw blade will have no effect. More teeth on a circular saw blade will create a greater load on your circular saw or chop saw saw which can often lead to your machine running slower. Because the important thing about getting a good finish is the time between each tip on a circular saw blade arriving at the material. The shorter the time gap the better the finish. Different materials also react in different ways when being cut. A circular saw blade needs to be able to clear material from the material being cut so sometimes a compromise on finish has to be allowed for if a good cutting speed is to be maintained and more importantly your saw will be able to run without being over loaded.


General rules for the angle of the circular saw blade you require is governed by the type of the saw that you have. 

MITRE SAWS and CHOP SAWS – If you are cutting wood then a circular saw blade with either zero or negative angle is best. If your mitre saw is also a pull cross or sliding mitre saw then zero is the better option. If however you are sawing Alloy or Aluminium then always always go for negative circular saw blade.  

HAND HELD CIRCULAR SAW – Positive angle circular saw blades which will help feed your saw through the material.

RADIAL ARM SAW – Generally a zero circular saw blade is good allowing for the fact that a Radial arm machine allows for a wide range of direction and feed options with the material. Using a zero angle circular saw blade means the blade will not effect the material. 

TABLE SAWS – When cutting wood with a table saw then a positive vircular saw blade is the way to go. This will help pull the material through the blade and reduce the load on the machine.


For general day to day cutting of wood the alternative top bevel is ideal (ATB)

Should you be looking to cut harder materials such as MDF or Laminated wood and require a really good finish then a triple chip grind is worth considering. If you are cutting Alloy or Aluminium then a triple chip grind circular saw blade is really the only safe option.

For more information on tip styles visit our blade types explained section.

Solent Tools offer a range of saw blades to suit all types of requirements. Our Dart Range of circular saw blades for example from Germany are able to match the performance and life span of other circular saw blades costing much more. We also offer Freud circular saw blades and the Uk leading manufacturer Atkinson Walker. We also offer our own range of blades that will fit straight on to many Performance power, Challenge, Worx, Macallister and Erbaurer circular saws. 

Dart saw blades were recently tested by Professional builder across a full range of materials and passed with flying colours. Roger Bisby who carried out the trials is not known for holding back on his views recommended his readers to try a Dart Circular Blade for their next purchase. High recommendation for the Dart range of saw blades.

Roger made some very important points about the Dart saw blades. The coating of the Dart Gold circular saw blade Is not just a pretty colour but is actually coated with a mixture of Titanium and Teflon which reduces friction and wear to the saw blade . The TCT tips are ground with a front bevel which slices rather than chips and so is smoother with fewer breakouts.

Typical German thinking on solving the main reason why circular saw blades go blunt while still achieving a better cut.

The Saw Blade Shop will always recommend the Dart range of blades in the knowledge that the clever stuff has already been taken care of. All we have to do is match the diameter, bore and number of teeth.

If you are confused by the low prices for  Circular saw blades made in Germany being sold in the Uk then please be assured these blades offer quality, price and reliability at a competitive price.

Within our range of TCT Circular blades are blades for Bosch, Makita, Mafele, Dewalt, Metabo, Black and Decker, Hitachi, Performance power, Ryobi, MacAllister, Erbauer, Power Base, Power Devil, AEG, Elu and Holtzer.

In fact we can usually match any machine with any bore to a Circular saw Blade suitable for your needs.

Go on treat your saw to the circular saw blade it deserves.

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