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What are the different styles of drive belt?

The five main styles of drive belts are shown below. (Ribbed (Poly V), Toothed, Round Profile, Flat Profile, Vee (V Profile). Click the image of the belt to find out more information on the specific style of belt.

Ribbed Grooved Belt Drive Belts Poly V PJ PK PH TB2 PU J Polyurethane rubber Poly V grooved ribbed grooves ribs belt belts drive V shapes
Toothed Belt Belts Drive 3M 5M XL L MXL T5 8M 4.5M Polyurethane rubber timing transmission, toothed teeth drive belt belts curvilinear trapezoidal profile measure identify cogged cog timing size pitch
round profile drive belt belts O shape Polyurethane rubber volta any length diameters rough coating green, polyurethane, polycord poly cord size pitch
Flat Profile Drive Belt Stretchy Belts Rigid T150 T250 Rectangle set length
vee belt belts v shaped v shape drive banded set length li lo lp profile section width height cogged kevlar muscle snapped slipping transmission size pitch

What is a Drive Belt?

A drive belt is a flexible loop usually made of rubber or polyurethane, often reinforced internally. Its role is to facilitate the transfer of motion from a motor or engine to one or more rotating shafts in a machine by establishing a connection between them.

Why are Drive Belts used?

Drive belts serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they eliminate the need for direct mounting of a motor or engine onto the shaft requiring rotation. Secondly, they function as a strategic weak point within a mechanism, designed to break under excessive loads or if there is a problem. They are usually relatively cheap to replace, especially when considering the potential damage that could occur in the absence of a drive belt.

Why choose Solent Tools?

We stock a large range of drive belts in our UK store and have UK suppliers that can quickly deliver the belts we don’t keep on the shelf. We specialise in belts for power tools and garden machinery but also have belts for other applications including lifts, treadmills, bread makers and printers. Our range includes all 5 of the common styles of drive belt; Ribbed (Poly V), Toothed, Round Profile, Flat Profile, Vee (V Profile).

If you need a single belt or a large quantity (at a discounted price) we can help. We are able to offer fast delivery on most orders.

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply any automotive belts (including motorbikes).

What brands and makes do Solent Tools cover?

In Short, as many as possible. We do not limit ourselves to certain makes and will help wherever we can.

Solent Tools are a recommended supplier of drive belts by leading retailers including; B&Q, Screwfix, Argos, Homebase, Aldi and Tesco. We cover a lot of their own brand machines Performance Power, Mac Allister, Erbauer, Titan, Powerbase, Garden Line, JCB, Nutool and Worx to name just a few.

We also supply a full range drive belts for Bosch, Makita, Dewalt, Draper, Flymo, and Black and Decker and many more. When one of these brands discontinues a belt we will do our best to find an alternative supplier and keep machines running.

Just some of the power tools we stock drive belts for include; planers, belt sanders, bandsaws, bench / pillar drills, compressors. Some of the garden machinery we stock drive belts for include: lawnmowers, lawnrakers, shredders, tillers.

The easiest way to find the drive belt for your machine is to enter your model number into the search bar at the top of the page. We strive to list every machine and the belt it needs. If it is not on the website you may be able to find it by the sizes (click the ‘BACK TO DRIVE BELTS’ button below). If you are unsure of what you need or need some help please email us sales@solenttools.co.uk or call us 02380578057.

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