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Jacobs Chucks full range is available from Solent Tools. Jacobs chucks are one of the worlds largest oldest manufacturers of quality chucks. Jacobs offer a range of chucks designed to meet the requirements of precision engineering while also being able to offer a selection chuck solutions for the less demanding customer be it in the home or the small workshop. The range of Jacobs chucks available from Solent Tools include the types listed below but for a full comprehensive list including accessories and specifications please click the Jacobs chuck image below and a readable, printable PDF will open on a new page. Please use your back button to return to chuckshop.co.uk

Jacobs Industrial Keyless Chucks

Jacobs high precision self tightening taper mounted chucks are designed to automatically increase grip under load while drilling to prevent slippage during use. ideal  for use on drill presses, pedestal and bench drilling machines,jig borers and stationary equipment.

Jacobs high precision high torque chucks due to their ability to be additionally tightened to nearly 3 times that of a hand tightened chuck with the use of a spanner. This high end chuck is aimed at customers with CNC machines, drilling, boring, counterboring and milling where high grip and torque are required. This range of chucks are also available with integral shanks giving even further grip and accuracy during use.

AA range of Jacobs medium duty keyless chucks are available with threaded bores for use on hand held power tools and taper bores for general drill presses and drill stands. This range still offers Jacobs industrial quality and self tightening facility but at affordable prices for general workshop use.

Jacobs Keyless Portable Drill Chucks

The Jacobs Hand-tite range of power tool rated chucks come in a full range of capacities and threads. Perfectly suited for use on lower powered drills and smaller machines these are a very competitive priced range. Solent tools still have good stocks of the Jacobs 500 series keyless chuck. This chuck offers addition grip and reliability expecially on higher powered cordless drills and electric powered machines.

Jacobs Power Tool Keyed Chucks

Jacobs industrial quality Key operated chucks basically set the standard for the market. Hardened jaws provide proven long life grip. Single piece outer sleeve tightening for better key use. If you don’t need such a high specification chuck the Jacobs multicraft range may be more suitable. Priced competitively and ideal for general duty use on most power tools.

Jacobs Industrial Keyed Chucks

This range of Jacobs chucks cover all the possible requirements of a modern workshop.From the high end range of ball bearing taper mounted chucks offering high grip and excellent accuracy. While the plain bearing range of chucks are by far the most most popular and iconic of chucks ever made. If you need a good mid quality reliable long life chuck then this range is for you. With mounts to cover most pillar drill stands and heavy duty hand held drilling equipment this chuck is worth considering.

Jacobs Stainless Steel Keyed Chucks

   Stainless steel chucks for use  in the medical, chemical and food sector. Also because of their corrosion resistance this range of stainless steel chucks are suitable for use on air drills and areas where a certain amount of chemical resistance may be required. 

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